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Belarus Goons Terrorize Journalist After International State Sponsored Hijacking

Belarus Commits State Sponsored Hijacking of Commercial Jetliner

Look at the terror on the face of this kid; a journalist. Look at those inhumane GOONS grabbing him. They would break his nose and beat him. How is it possible that after so much time the fascists are still running around leading the world? It’s like our ENTIRE world is a failed society.

The journalist was tortured at the request of Belarus dickhead leader Lukasluginshenko and was likely beaten into confessing that he was, in fact, a real journalist. He appears to have his nose broken and covered with make-up in the embedded CBS video below. Read the full story at the

Washington Post:

Belarus dissident’s ‘confession’ video suggests coercion and torture, experts and advocates say.

CBS Youtube Video

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