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Sidney Powell Faced Up To 20 Years Behind Bars, But She Said “Sorry”

Sidney Powell Pleads Guilty and Agrees to Apologize

All You Have to do Is Apologize

Sparred the usual level of American fuck justice, Sidney Powell has apparently made friends with the federal fucks. She will ‘serve’ six years of probation (and thank her for her service), will be fined $6,000 and will have to write an apology letter (and seem very sorry) to Georgia and agreed to testify truthfully against her co-defendants at future trials.

Honesty is such a lonely word when the justice system is untrue.

Why can’t regular people just apologize. Us jurors should be aware of the 2 Justice Systems and dismiss any claims you feel are unfair by practicing Juror Nullification – just like the Senate did TWICE in the Trials (plural) of Donald J Trump.

Just say you are sorry – and we the jury CAN send you home.

This, however, is a great example of the justice system using their own version of juror nullification. They are not jurors. We are! The juror is the ultimate decider in OUR Court System. Not the employees.

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