What Is Juror Nullification

Juror Nullification is a leading premise in any fair and impartial trial as it leaves the application of the law to the juror. The juror is the law during the time the juror in judgement. Many laws are mis-applied as a heavy handed effort by some government officials, and the juror is required to step in and say no. You are not going to find a man guilty of some meaningless crime like ‘ingestion’.

Is Ingestion A Crime
Most people today that are rotting in prison cages are there because there are “CURRENT” laws that criminalize the ingestion of substances. In 1920 Congress laughed at the possibility of jailing people for drugs. How many families were destroyed because of these people I call the fucks of society. Scary people with power and big mouths.

Arizona hated Mexicans for having food during the depression. The usual stingy minded ignoramuses blamed the depression on Mexican immigrants. Then some phony Christian proposed these right wing laws during prohibition when they were adopted based on lies and propaganda. They have filled our prisons with regular people. So if people were informed about Nullification our society would be more judicious and less angry.

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