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Under Federal Custody Stabbed Twice in Neck, Twice in Back, 6X in Chest

Nassar Stabbed Twelve Times as Prison Officials Watched


How many people can a prison kill? All of them. Given the way they are poorly managed. There is no accountability. The head of prisons in America is a derelict – likely delighted when these bad guys are stabbed or killed – but because they are notoriously bad guys, no one cares. The press release comes from the Prison Union steward.

Isn’t stabbing a far worse crime than what most people are even in jail for? It’s hard to understand how the violent people in any given prison can KILL anyone they don’t like.

Think of all the regular people in prison. If prison is incapable of keeping people safe, why should we send them there. Is that their true punishment? Living in fear of being killed. Most people are PUT in prison by juries following Judge instructions. The jury pulls the trigger and condemns a man. Not the employees like the Judge. He just wants to go home. Only a Jury can condemn. Only a jury carries that accountability.

This Nassar is a bad guy. But when your children Pot smokers are suffering the same fate, stabbed in prison, then what? They will get NO press. NONE. No one will ever know that another regular person was condemned to die for ingestion (drugs) by jurors. After our children commit the crime of ingesting – you the juror see this as serious crime. Then they end up dead in prison. Ingestion is not a true crime. Getting stabbed in prison is a crime.

You do not have to send people to that Prison killing center for meaningless infringes. But if you did. For ingestion. You have a choice. Your view of others is synonymous with Gods view of you. He ain’t got much else to go on. But he’s got that. For sure.

The humanitarian juror realizes that Juror Nullification must be practiced in all drug cases today. We should not send any regular people to the state and federal Stabbing Centers they call prisons. It’s not a correction for regular people to be housed with killers and rapists.

‘Corrections’ is a good word to use as a filter for everything the employees of the Justice System will tell you. If torture in a cage is referred to as a correction, then what does everything else they say mean? If the employees of prisons are going to mix dangerous and violent people with regular pot smokers, then fuck em. That’s how we got rid of prohibition of alcohol. Juries refused to find people guilty of drinking. Their neighbors and their kids. “Fuck your drinking laws” they said, in their Not Guilty verdicts. In that same light a Jury should not send our regular people to their Prison Stabbing centers.

Will we ever see prison officials prosecuted for looking on – as these inmate murders occur? The people are entrusted into their custody. These prison killing fields must end. These Prison officials must be replaced by people who are “not fucks”. The current officials are either the most incompetent clowns in the world or complicit unaccountable killers.

Why are the worst inmates in any given prison able to run the prison and set the rules. WHY send OUR regular people to prison? FOR A CORRECTIVE STABBING? Anybody can be stabbed. Our children are surrounded by dangerous people who will do it, and the guards will watch. Or get there too late. Prison Stabbing Centers for crimes of ingestion, I don’t think so!

The Shawshank Redemption may be a pretty accurate depiction of the people who run prisons. Who grows up and says they want to work in a prison? They have grown their industry so large they must criminalize the world to keep their enormous fuck budget. Prison is torture and should be reserved for the worst of us. The worst.

This is an evolving story .. we will post more p people killed and stabbed in prisons.


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