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Fascist Kingpin Versus Selective Justice Fuck

Trials of Donald Trump

In the left corner we have the ever-popular fascist Donald (the) J. (fascist) Trump. In the right corner we have the indisputable champion of jailing marijuana users, the ingestion crime fighter extraordinaire, saving America from those that would be sitting in their house ingesting, Jack (the fuck) Smith.

Trump and his 18 co-defendants have all been arrested and booked by the DA in the Georgia case, his latest. Arraignments for that case are scheduled for September 6.
Read Details by Nic Popli:

TRUMP Fascist vs. Fuck TIMELINE

AUG 3, 2023: Arraignment in Washington, D.C. in Jan. 6 case

AUG 10, 2023: Arraignment in Florida in classified documents case.

AUG 25, 2023: Deadline to surrender to Georgia

AUG 28, 2023: Hearing Jan. 6 case

SEP 6, 2023: Arraignment in Georgia case

OCT 2, 2023: Trial in Trump Organization civil fraud suit

OCT 23, 2023: First trial in Georgia case; Kenneth Chesebro

JAN 15, 2024: Trial in E. Jean Carroll civil defamation suit

JAN 29, 2024: Trial in pyramid scheme class-action suit

MAR 4, 2024: Trial in federal Jan. 6 case

MAR 25, 2024: Trial in New York state criminal hush-money case

MAY 14, 2024: Pretrial hearing in classified documents case

MAY 20, 2024: Trial in classified documents case

Living in the Age of Fear and Ignorance

No matter the outcome, America loses either way. Our confused and uninformed country began with Newt Gingrich and his contract to save America. It was an ugly list of betrayals to democracy and the gains 40 years of Democratic House leadership. It was a great 40 years until America drank the Republican kool-aid. Then problems set in; evil Republican policies that moved America in reverse. And the Republicans are master finger pointers. Master liars. America is not smart enough to see it. Conservative Americans do not care anymore about America. They want a newer truck etc. It is no mistake that every killer, murderer, thief, and mobster all vote Republican. If you are a Republican, that is the company you keep. Trump has destroyed what all of our forefathers died fighting for in WW2. It’s really not the fault of poorly informed Americans (yet it is as they choose their media). If the Government mails a list of recommended talking points to TV stations, the TV stations will then read it ver-batim as if they were reading one of their own stories. They ask no questions of its source and intent, nor inform the American people they are reading a government memo. It’s exactly like the Russian Pravda I laughed at when my mom explained it to me in the 1960’s. I said, “do you mean Russians are being lied to by the TV?” She said “yes, and they have no choice but to believe it.” This is Americas greatest problem. News stations today have producers in the back rooms of every television media company whose job is to omit the parts of any story not playing favorable to US power. US power! TV media companies are scared of the government ever since the Afghan War when the government and the military threatened each and every TV news outlet that, if they dared to publish anything embarrassing to the US war effort in Afghanistan, they would lose access to war update news and entrenching with the troops. Their media outlet would be disadvantaged and lose money. Those television news outlets traded our democracy for their bottom line right at that moment and it is unchanged to this day 20 years later. Thanks CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC and others. Your misinforming of America kept that war going for 20 years. A war that had NOTHING to do with 911 and we lost that war in the end. The military spent enough money to retire half of America.

Would America be surprised to know that half of Ukraine, Eastern Ukraine is 70% Russian and is fighting on the Russian side?

Would America be surprised to know that half of Ukraine, Eastern Ukraine is 70% Russian and is fighting on the Russian side? That’s something you’d never hear from reporters like Richard Engel, who reports from that region every night. I used to respect him but when see his pissy-faced reporting I just laugh.

Born in 1958, I have CLOSELY WATCHED journalists become less informative and more propaganda like since 9-11-2001. 911 was the biggest gift Republicans ever had, they have used it to strip out civil rights ushering in the “era of fear and fuck”. For those of you that are unaware, it is stark. Everything you hear on the news omits part or any given story, especially the war in Ukraine. The reality, as anyone from the past will tell you, is that we are living in the best and safest times on the history of the earth. There is an old saying that “evil thrives when good people do nothing.” Why are those who will likely perish from global warming so complicit? Is this the complicit generation, unwilling to put themselves out there and risk something to save their world. Their numbers are few, and unlikely to EVER be a part of another power take back like 1968 Chicago Grant Park and Kent State – until it’s too late. Too bad for them. The peaceful hippies put themselves out there as “fuck fighters” and the result was the most peaceful time on earth. The fucks relented. Until Newt Gingrich. Today it’s Matt Gaetz and Marjory Stoneman Douglas rearing their ugly heads into Americas open arms. Get your passport ready!

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