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John Oliver Talks About Police Raids at Gunpoint for Crimes of Ingestion

Scary Fascists Are Free to do as They Will

John Oliver of Last Week Tonight show discussed the absurdity of police raids. Always at gunpoint. 81 Civilians killed. For drugs. Pointing guns at children too! For drugs. Drugs are way less dangerous than police. In one case police raid a house at gunpoint when they smell marijuana coming from the house. An entire swat team. How? Why? On the insistence and whining from police unions, cops today are trained to be bad people. It’s the training. We need to scrutinize the role of police unions. They are closer to organized crime figures than they are to the police we grew up with. Today they are different.

Police Training

They are constantly training to kill people and nothing else, and as a result they only learn techniques of slug. Everything they do surrounds being violent with the public. They no longer see themselves as serving it but rather they are trained to fear it .

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