Free Michael Thompson – And Jail The Dirty Tricksters

You know the worst people are in charge when they put a human being in a cage for life for selling weed. I wonder how God would treat a so called human being that would do this to another man. In the bible God states: Vengeance is Mine and declares ‘Don’t waste your time hating people – I will be the judge of those worthless fascists.’

Michael Thompson is serving a life sentence in prison in Michigan for selling weed. 25 years for selling 3 pounds of marijuana in 1994. Gods enemies put him in jail for life. But people are not that smart. Every lawyer knows that.

God’s Greatest Enemies

People who punish or hurt people are God’s greatest enemies. For if they hurt their own, or worse the weakest of their own, then they are capable of doing anything without limit and are untrustworthy souls.

During the 25 years Michael has spent imprisoned, his father, mother, and his only son have died. His mother’s final wish was that Thompson wouldn’t die in prison.

Michael is now in his late 60’s, recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, and is at high risk of contracting COVID-19. Don’t let a cannabis sentence become a death sentence for Michael. Michael Thompson was an asset to his community and he deserves to regain his freedom. Read more about Michael’s fight for clemency on Leafly.

Every day in prison is hard very hard. Dirty tricksters including all of Donald Trumps friends are running free. But Michael is too dangerous. People like Donald Trump and his henchmen threaten the world, subvert our democracy, put forth false message, and perjure themselves to the people are most certainly criminals. Free the innocent, Free Michael Thompson!

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