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The Rule of Law Gets a New Set of Rules

Supreme Court of Liars Appointed by Liars

Apparently Her Word Means Nothing

Amy Coney Barrett lied to Congress. She boldly lied to Congress in an open session witnessed by the world. Stating her intent, her position, and her views on the law to be confirmed to the Supreme Court. They were all purposely misrepresented so that she could acquire lifetime tenure of judicial power on the Supreme Court. You cannot lie to Congress under any circumstances. She should not be on the Supreme Court when anyone else would in Jail. She should be impeached. You cannot lie to Congress and Congress must use the power of impeachment.

These right wingers like Amy Coney Barrett – and indeed all Trump appointees are hand-picked by the federalist society for their extreme views and willingness to lie and misrepresent society. They exchange our freedoms for their own view of how we should live. They want to limit freedom, they do not trust you, the non-them. Soon we’ll all have to live like them. Not us, the majority. But them, the minority. The bold minority. We know this because we just watched the bold indifference to freedom happen. This would have caused the Republicans to lose all elections in the 80’s or 90’s but today we are living among the generation who will lose America. Probably while they stare at their phones.

The Supreme Liars removed a women’s right to choose what happens to HER body. They assume they have that right – to remove rights. But this is a first. The Supreme Court has only expanded rights, never removed them. Today the Supreme Court represents a bold minority and big problems for America when they tell normal people to live their way. The Supreme Suppressionists have no right to your body.  

All 3 Trump Supreme Court Appointees

  • Do not want us to have the freedom to live and let live.
  • Want to tell us how to live.
  • Lied to Congress About Roe v Wade and legal points of view. Outright lies!

They are the scary wackos of the past rearing their ugly head on lazy ignorant couch potato America. All the people who cherished liberty and fought fascism in WW II are dead. We are at a precipice as a people and must fight scary fascists that want to reduce freedom and tell free thinkers how to live. Funny, their application of the law seems to be against everything they say they stand for. They are not patriots, but censors. They are the Tories, not the Patriots. The progressive are the Patriots of freedom! They are obstructionists to freedom.

Congress Members Call for Accountability : https://people.com/politics/democratic-reps-want-senate-to-declare-supreme-court-justices-lied-under-oath/

We Call for Impeachment for LYING TO CONGRESS!


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