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Cocaine and All Drugs Now Legal in Mexico

Yay! Mexico Legalizes Cocaine & Weed US War on Drugs Over

“It’s okay to snort a few lines if you need a little lift to get through your day – why not? – no big deal – doesn’t hurt anyone”, recently stated and ordered in court by a Federal Judge.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing that cures depression faster than a line of coke. Everyone snorted coke in the 80’s. It’s not a real crime. Today or yesterday or never.

Small amounts of narcotics are considered by law to be for immediate and personal consumption, which is not criminally punishable, provided that such possession takes place outside of certain places, including educational institutions and prisons:


Maximum Amount
for Immediate and Personal Consumption

Opium2 g
Heroin or diacetylmorphine50 mg
Cannabis5 g
Cocaine500 mg
LSD0.015 mg
MDA, MethylenedioxyamphetaminePowderCapsules or tablets
40 mg1 unit whose weight is not higher than 200 mg
MDMA, 3,4- Methylenedioxymethamphetamine40 mg1 unit whose weight is not higher than 200 mg
Methamphetamines40 mg1 unit

Source: From article 479 of the Ley General de Salud, infra note 1, as translated by the author.

Reference: LIBRARY OF CONGRESS: https://www.loc.gov/item/2016479004

Mexico legalizes weed and says cocaine is not a crime. They realize it’s not a crime and never was. NOT GUILTY to all.

Mexico is expected to become the biggest market for legalized cannabis in the world. Apparently everyone in Mexico smokes weed (even Judges), at least at some point just as everyone in America has a beer at some point.

I would hate to be any juror explaining to God why, using my level of humanity, I the juror made the decision to torture innocent men for ingesting something.

There is no such thing as ingestion crime. It was invented by the same people who invented the poll tax. The us and them people. Drugs were never a crime. The people who view drug use as a crime are bigger criminals than any drug user. If they were in a cage the world would be far safer. Every country that has legalized drug use sees consumption and crime go down. There is direct correlation between crime going down and the voice of the fascists being silenced. In this case it was the prosecuting clowns who put people in cage like an animal for a so called ingestion crime like drugs.

Since the beginning of time bad people are way more attracted to power than regular people. Legalizing drugs will limit these slug minded bullies. It will drive the fascist zombies absolutely crazy to have less slug power, less necks to drive their knees into.

Mexico recognizes that the US War on Drugs has destroyed their country. In my name. In your name. Now it’s legal there. No more cartels. There will be Coffee shops instead!

War’s over. After lots of killing and death. Headed by the US DEA. Now everyone (like the scary DEA) can go home. The DEA are among the last vestiges of scary dirty cops, not unlike the so-called Inquisition Crime Fighters of not that long ago. Those fascists in Spain were still torturing good Christians (the Muslims after they forced them to convert) well into the 1800’s.

We do not need a DEA any more than we need witch hunters. The DEA are outdated and obsolete. We do NOT need to send any more regular people into a cage for ingesting. Why? They are innocent. But the fascists would treat them like an animal. The DEA essentially looks for trouble and if they can’t find it, they create it. In our name; the US citizens. So why do we need any DEA? They’ve never helped anybody – they only bring pain .. and should be disbanded. Immediately! people would be saved from evil. Entire families can be saved using from fascist evil using juror nullification. That’s how we got rid of prohibition. Juries refused to find bootleggers guilty. And that was the end of fascists like Elliot Ness, who set the standard and salivated at torturing regular people for taking a drink. He now rots in hell still owing creditors here on earth.

So yes – the same scary people that have ruined so many lives in the past are still here among us and voicing division. That’s all drug incarcerations really are. Division tactics. The voter suppression people are the same people. Many evil people are in positions of authority because they NEED power and NEED to prey on something. YOU!

The reign of the us and them leaders and their personal cops will be coming to an end as the greatest generation of Progressives comes of voting age. That dial all the way left very soon. It has to go left, it’s already pinned nazi fascist right.

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