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40,000 Brittney Griners Rotting in US Prisons

Free the Americans Before Whining to Russia

Free the 40,00 Americans in American Jails and Prisons for Marijuana Crime before you whine on the world stage that Brittney Griner should be freed.  Are you kidding? Are the coathanger states listening? Free the innocent ingesters for their ingesting and the crime of altering their thoughts. Their thought crimes! 

Why should Putin release Brittney Griner when America jails marijuana users TODAY! If they are unlucky enough to be stuck in the former slave states, the moonshine states, the coat hanger states, or the redneck states. 

The hateful Southern pseudo-christians were the ones that pounded Congress for 20 years to make drugs a jailable offense. Today drug users are the largest population of our prisons. The innocent! The innocent keeping the jails in business. Keeping them profitable. 

In the South you must resort to being a fat ignorant redneck juicer or go home. Or go north as in ‘The Great Migration’. Is the second ‘Great Migration’ coming? America never really evolved. In fact it’s moving in reverse. Wiping out and erasing its most significant fairness and humanitarian gains. It is the most successful failing state in the history of mankind. 


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