Victoria Nuland Interferes With World Peace – It’s Criminally Negligent

We Stand with Ukraine!

It is a well-known fact that since 1962 the only scenario that could ever bring about World War 3 was if America were to interfere in Ukraine. This was clearly stated in a CIA brief released during the Clinton presidency. And the CIA concluded as a result war was unlikely with the USSR.

Jeffrey Sachs: Democracy Now VIDEO Explains the Complex History CBS ABC and all corporate news omit. Things like Minsk 1 and Minsk 2.

Victoria Nuland Plotted Ukrainian Coup and Promoted War

Now enter Victoria Nuland, a scary hawk with criminal intent that has been promoting division and conflict in Ukraine for 30 years. She rejected every possible peace offering that led to the current Russia-Ukraine conflict. It was an easily avoidable conflict, but no negotiation ever took place. Nuland essentially demanded war. She’s a sociopath that appears “normal”, but in fact Nuland is a reckless fuck that has perhaps already put the conflicts in place to end peace on earth as we know it.

Similar to the 1950’s US backed South America coups, Nuland used US money and influence to overthrow an elected Ukrainian President. Victor Yanukovych. It was promoted in the US that he was some sort of bad guy. Even though he won a previous election. Victor Yanukovych was just about to put an agreement together (assuring Putin access to Crimea for defense) to keep Russian Ukraine peace when he was overthrown by US money and effort. Nuland put together a propaganda campaign that led to the current President. And war. 

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We have lots of one-sided propaganda saying great the new leader is. His hard line, together with Nulands hard ass, has led to this world crisis. For those Americans too close to the TV to see the forest, you should know Russia has had a naval base in Ukraine long before the US ever existed. The Russians consider Ukraine their “Plymouth Rock”. Sure, Ukraine is its own self-governing land. Like Guam and Puerto Rico and Hawaii once were. What would happen if Russia were to try to arm them for independence? The US would do the same thing as Putin.

Now we have war (and 6 dollar heating oil prices).

Victoria Nuland does not care about anything because she HATES Putin and that’s all she needs to challenge and start WWW III. Her power has gone to her fat ignorant head. Read the descriptions of this nut case Victoria Nuland. She is the most dangerous person in the World. The US has left Putin no exit. And Putin has stolen so much money he will likely pull the Nuclear Trigger if cornered.

Nuland is a dangerous idiot; dangerous for the entire world. She’s a dipsy doodle – not a diplomat.

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It’s great that Ukraine is holding off Russia. What scares us is Putin. And don’t think Putin does not know that it is America’s so called advisors pulling the trigger on all those new weapons that murdered 80,000 Russian draftees. Ukrainians don’t know how to use anything but Soviet era munitions. We must remove Victoria Nuland for world peace.


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