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Instead of Protecting Privacy Senate Republicans Demand Lies and Falsehoods be Considered Opinion on Facebook and Twitter

Republicans Condemn Facebook and Twitter Because Engineers and Smart People They’ve Hired Tend to Support Progressive Causes

WTF? Sorry but smart educated people do not vote Republican 2-1. You have to be uneducated to support your own demise.

Republicans Demand and Threaten Lies Be Considered Free Speech

Now comes the ‘Interesting’ Senator Kennedy demanding lies be considered free speech. Actually putting it into a context that contrasts democrat speech with republican speech. One is based in fact – the other represents FOX News falsehoods and is not factual. Guess which one concerns ‘Interesting’ Senator Kennedy. He wants falsehoods to be heard as fact. He wants people to make up their own mind on mis-truths. We are living in the age of deception and ‘Interesting’ Senator Kennedy is waging his Southern war on the truth. But he’s an idiot. And he baits himself with his own ignorance charging that Facebook and Twitter have no right to police falsehoods. Zuckerberg THEN educates ‘Interesting’ Senator Kennedy about the danger of falsehoods in a pandemic like saying masks don’t help and the virus is a made up hoax. Zuckerberg states this falsehood based speech is akin to ‘yelling fire in a theater’, and he does in fact have that right and that obligation. He tries to go on … but,

‘Interesting’ Senator Kennedy realizes he is a fool and interrupts Zuckerberg’s answer and then he quickly threatens Facebook with ‘publisher status’. YELP routinely censors bad reviews from people who pay them off, and they have withstood several lawsuits. But Kennedy demonstrated his ignorance of the pandemic, and of right and wrong. This is REALLY about Republicans having a platform that will not censor falsehoods – lies that can target large numbers of people. They want to target the innocent and lie to them.

Suck You Senator Kennedy you ignorant asshole democracy stunting traitor. You are a TRAITOR TO DEMOCRACY IN YOUR EVIL DESIRE to decry facts and falsehoods as apples and oranges. They are apples and no apples – you ignorant clown. Leave it to the coat hanger states to destroy American democracy, which rests on a cradle of truth.

Senators don’t not reprimand themselves with anything but kindness. Senator Kennedy is always saying he finds other Senators ‘interesting’ when he disagrees with their view. Usually directed at Democrats. This ‘Interesting’ term essentially translates into “I think you are ignorant”. ‘Interesting’ Senator Kennedy uses this term a lot. That is until one day a few weeks ago when Senator Whitehouse finally put him in his place by stating:

“I find it curious that Senator Kennedy referred to (so and so) as ‘Interesting’ when I find ALL people from Louisiana far more interesting than anyone I know.”

Senator Whitehouse, D-RI

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