Boston Lawyers Demand an End to The Clowns of Justice

We demand an end to putting human beings in cages. Hurting people as your so called justice. All it does is make people want to hurt you back. The (clowns) fucks of justice have hurt our society. We are tired of fucks that do not even qualify as members of the human race defining justice.

Ingesting a substance is not a crime. It has never been a crime, at least in the sense of actually being a criminal act. It’s about as criminal as masturbation. Or heresy. That used to be the biggest crime in the world.

The fucks of justice have held the guns and the whips for too long. The worst people in America defining right and wrong is nothing new. The bad people have been in charge since the beginning of time. We know they are bad as they drool for violence and control. We need to dismantle this 3rd world archaic system before this system of fuck dismantles America. People won’t take it and will rise up. This will then really hurt America. China will move ahead while we battle to uphold the true meaning of the US constitution.

The Trump Administration has repeatedly tried to cancel any degree of human rights gain over the last 70 years and forced today’s society to constantly file suits, just to maintain basic human rights.

Is prison a corrective place? Look at the picture above. They people in the above photo holding the nazi salute are Americas Correctors. They are one of the latest classes of corrections officers.

We especially call for an end to jailing of regular people and housing with these nazi corrections officers. There is no question that prison destroys the human soul. If you believe prisons are ‘just fine’ you should examine your mind. You may have a mind of fuck.

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