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FBI & Prosecutors Knowingly Entrapped Innocent Victims Released After 14 Years Imprisonment

FBI & Prosecutors Coaxed Desperately Poor People to Act as Terrorists

The very same Judge that presided over the trial of the Newburgh 4 in 2009 and sentenced the 4 men to 25 years in prison has released 3.

** UPDATE January 23, 2024 .. Judge Orders 4th man released and blasts FBI role – this stuff NEVER makes the mainstream TV news on any channel – despite all the talking mouths on TV. The news does not criticize the Government anymore, so it’s plain to see why we have Trump and the erosion of democracy .. an uninformed electorate.

When Federal Prosecutors bring a case there is an assumption that it’s a real case, but the Newburgh 4 case was fake. Made up.

The FBI recruited a con man named Shahed Hussain (Pakistan’s version of Rick Singer) to hook and reel in prospects for a fake Government plot. Recruits. To highlight Muslims as terrorists and put the Muslim community in a state of fear. The entrapped recruits were to blow up a Jewish center in NYC and get paid $250,000. The recruits were street level grifters and drug dealers who said they wanted to steal the money without performing the bomb plot.

Shahed Hussain posed as a wealthy businessman trying to get fellow Muslims praying inside a Mosque to hate America. They said sorry, we are here praying and do not hate America, explaining the mosque does not want trouble. The people threw him out suspecting he was a Government informant. So, he continued looking for recruits while standing outside the Mosque. After they threw him out. Looking for Jew hating schmucks. Eventually he enticed a man named Cromitie with an offer of $250,000, a lot of money. Cromtie recruited the other 3 with lure of $250,000. The 3 said they were going along with the plot only to rob him, never intending on carrying it out. Much of that evidence was caught on video. These street Grifters were trying to figure out how to steal the $250,000 from him.

Cromitie, Onta Williams, David Williams, and Payen and were charged with conspiracy and weapons offenses at their first court appearance on May 21, 2009 and were ordered to be held without bail.

According to Wikipedia, Cromitie and his three accomplices, David Williams, Onta Williams, and Laguerre Payen, had no serious offences on their records, but were described as “extremely violent men” by prosecutors.

Stephen Downs of Coalition for Civil Freedoms said Government Prosecutors “tried to buy crime with money.” The US Government created a fake case and used “lies and exaggerations” as a “purveyor of hate against the Muslim community.”

Instead the FBI entrapped them as terrorists. Even though the whole thing was staged by the FBI, they jumped the 4 grifters with over 100 officers and bomb sniffing dogs, even though the bombs were all fake. A ‘Broadway show of force.’

This seems way worse than anything The Mafia would do. These Prosecutors knowingly put these innocent low-life’s in Prison to spend the rest of their innocent low-lives inside one of the US Prison Stabbing Centers. For absolutely no reason. This coercion must go on all the time and this is merely a canary in the coal mine. So much unanswered and unpunished corruption on the inside of our justice system. But how much?

The very same Judge that presided over the original trial of the Newburgh 4 14 years ago, and then sentenced them all to 25 years in prison, has released 3 of the 4; David Williams, Onta Williams, and Laguerre Payen. Cromitie, the 4th is soon said to be released.

You may remember Shahed Hussain from a terrible incident where many people died in an Upstate NY Limo accident resulting from negligent brake maintenance. FBI informant Shahed Hussain was the owner of that NY limo company. Shoddy brake maintenance killed 18 aboard the vehicle and two bystanders. Thereafter FBI informant Hussain left the US and returned to Pakistan before officials could question him and is there to this day hiding out while his son is in jail. His son, the Limo company manager was convicted and is serving prison time in NY – but only after his buddies, that is the NY prosecutors were actually trying to let him go. Similar to Hunter Biden, the Judge refused to accept the plea agreement and he is NOW in jail. This entire Hussain crime family has a business relationship and a friendship the Upstate NY FBI. Further investigation shows that Hussain was at one time wanted for murder in Pakistan. In Upstate NY he was busted defrauding the DMV selling fake drivers licenses to illegal aliens, when the FBI recruited him and offered him this slimy Musim entrapper job. So he began working for the FBI. Why was he an FBI recruit? Ephraim Zimbalist Jr is rolling in his grave.

This case demonstrates how the modern-day FBI and Prosecutors are willing to completely manufacture a crime when there is no crime – and hurt innocent people for no reason. Who are these prosecutors? This is a Criminal Act far greater than anything the accused did or were accused of doing. Worse.

These prosecutors were part of a huge crime. If I was President they would be arrested and stand trial for the awful crime of “bearing false witness”. THESE PEOPLE WERE SET UP. And by a consortium of GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS – ALL IN ON IT AND KNOWING THEY ARE BEARING FALSE WITNESS. A crime so terrible the Bible holds it in the top 5 crimes against God.

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