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Tom Cotton Believes There Aren’t Enough People in Prison

Should Tom Cotton Be Considered A Member of the Human Race?

When you look inside the mind of the fascists you find a dark and dirty place. A place where violent fantasies are constantly playing out. Is Tom Cotton a sick individual. Well, only an ‘International Suck’ would say that the worlds most incarcerated nation is not incarcerated enough.

Indeed, the reason for so much US incarceration is the failed policies from the likes of Tom Cotton. And so called drug crimes, or crimes of ingestion. If you don’t believe the worst of us are in charge of justice in America, take a look at the Tom Cotton tweet. They will be laughing at our ignorance 100 years from now. They’ll be saying “remember when people like that were alive”. Maybe there will be a video game.

America should consider “Federated Districts” because we do not want to live in their world. There will less and less justice in that Godless world.

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