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The Court Must be Expanded to Represent the Majority of Americans

The Supreme Court Oversteps Authority and Assumes Executive Branch Role

Alito and Thomas Are Questionable Characters for Americas Supreme Court

Roberts Brief

Americas Higher education infrastructure was rebuilt on the backs of students over the last 15-20 years.

The above pdf of Roberts Brief on Loan Forgiveness is like all those other ledger heads ignoring the overpriced college tuition BILLS that ended up rebuilding and modernizing Americas Universities on the backs of students when it should’ve been the Federal Government. This bill would have returned a small fraction of those borrowed monies to least wealthy and removed that burden, but only for some. The poorest. But who wants to be the poorest among us? No one! No one ever volunteers for that, but everyone is willing to pretend they can stand in those shoes.

Roberts logic in denying the rightful and minimal forgiveness of these student construction loans is incomplete. The money was excessive. CRAZY high in state tuitions and extra fees were the Universities plan to finance new construction.  The money to be forgiven would’ve been a small fraction of student loans that universities used to modernize. Americas Higher education infrastructure was rebuilt on the backs of students over the last 15-20 years.

THE SEAT IN THAT LUXURY JET WOULD’VE BEEN EMPTY ANYWAY says the compromised, self-excused, and somewhat corrupt Justice Thomas…

Supreme Court Failed to Fact Check Fake Defendents in CO Gay vs Christian

(This is an evolving story with fake defendant information to come)

Apparently, this woman, the Plaintiff, who claims to be a Christian, completely manufactured the story of serving the documented gay client. He was unaware he was listed in the lawsuit and the Supreme Court never fact checked the case – even on that level is astonishing. Who cares if this web designer won’t make someone’s website? Or cake. The web designs are mediocre at best.

These Whacko Christians use religion to assume all sorts of new rights here in the good ole USA. The right to hate and discriminate. No other logic can provide that outcome other than religion. Just throw Jesus in there and all of a sudden you have the right to hate and discriminate. Legally Jesus should be meaningless and invisible. Jesus would agree. Other than to pick a fight, Jesus said he wants nothing to do with Caesar and clearly separated himself. Like William Wallace but without the violence.

Web designers turn down work all the time simply because they do not want a particular job. Who cares! But in this case, there was a right-wing conspiracy, an agenda! A supreme trick just to get a ruling because this Christian made up the defendants. Christianity sure has changed.

Right Wing America has played a game with their friends on the Supreme Court. They brought a case without real defendants and the Supreme Court played along. These 3 Trump Republican appointees (one appointment stolen from a US elected Democrat) along with Thomas and Alito have corrupted the Supreme Court, and on a scale never seen before today. This court is probably ruling for no more than 30% of America.

One problem is Trump appointed Judges are not legal scholars but politically motivated hacks. They have no business inserting themselves into Executive and Legislative branches. They want power, and they have too much power. They are ruling on cases today they would dismiss in the past. The court must be expanded to represent the majority of America.


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