Resisting Arrest and Juror Nullification

Resisting Arrest A BIG RED FLAG

As a juror, if I hear the words “resisting arrest” uttered by police I would acquit on all charges. I would be suspect of the police and immediately move to strike their testimony from my mind, and then practice “JUROR NULLIFICATION”.

Be skeptical. Resisting arrest is one of the most farcical of all charges. Police officers with their typical musculature,their weaponry and intimidating way of dealing with the public is often a LIE – they use this as a way of doing everything bad to people. Beating killing and wrongful arresting. You should be skeptical of everything that comes out the mouth of an officer who utters or charges people with “resisting arrest.” It should send up a BIG RED FLAG!

Youtube is filled with video of police hurting weaker peoples, and they always use the “resisting arrest” as a reason. In every instance police claim resistance. Never believe it, and use it against them for their bold bullshitting we the people. Use Juror Nullification to send a signal – otherwise the system is bolstered toward even more injustice for we the people.

These Police said “resisting arrest” was the reason they murdered this Minnesota man. he was your typical resisting arrest candidate. A dead black man. The murder is below.

Without video the bad guys win. The killers get away with it. Without video we the people usually GET the full power of the state shutting down justice. The juror is the law – not the judge and not the prosecutor. They should be telling you about Juror Nullification according a Supreme Court ruling in 1920 (100 years ago). Judges like to refer to 1880’s ruling (120 years ago) that came before – saying the judge does not have tell you the entire law rests in the hand of the juror.

The juror is the law, able to strike down any unfair law the law the state may want to impose. This is the single area in America that is actual democracy. Not the politicians who get elected because they are pushed into a spotlight. The juror does not get any spotlight. Juror means ‘the law decider!’ Not the best argument decider, but the actual law. This is why bad laws are still on the books and can be enforced and why you MUST practice Juror Nullification. The system refuses to adhere to the people, so you MUST take charge and tell the system that they are not the law, you are.

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