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Those Who’d Trade Democracy for Power Deserve Neither

The Conservative Lie

Texas lawmakers are attempting pass an openly restrictive voter law that intimidates voters – it allows armed white poll watchers with guns to stand over black and latino voters as they wait to vote. As they exercise their civil right to vote. Scary stuff. Fascist like. ALMOST ALL Republican lawmakers nationwide support these undemocratic restrictions.

John Cornyn explained days ago while on CNN that the south is largely unvaccinated because ‘freedom loving conservatives’ typically do not trust government. This is bullshit in its purest form. Stinkin’ to high heaven. Conservatives surgically target the freedoms of minority voters using the the same Government they claim to distrust. Instead of getting ‘freedom’, American minorities get difficult and restrictive. They get conditions that make it hard for their neighborhood to vote. They get conditional. All the things conservatives say they oppose for themselves.

Greatest Enemy Democracy Ever Faced in 75 years

The US Republican Party

The US Republican Party seems to not trust government only when it backs fairness and diversity. What they do not trust is themselves on level playing field. To compete on a level playing field is frightening for Republicans. But they definitely trust and embrace government. They not only trust government but have petitioned that government to create laws that selectively shut down democracy.

Justice in the Age of Deception

The US Republican Party has devolved into a solely self-interested body that is completely willing to toss democracy to the curb in exchange for power. Openly lying and openly demanding a right to fix the game. They are fascists and use Hitler tactics; are they the same people our grandparents died fighting in WW2? Yes. We mustn’t view Nazis like ordinary Americans.

This is a democracy damning Republican attempt to legislate democracy completely out of existence. They threaten to ruin the lives of average Americans. This has begun the age of deception; disinformation and a weakening of our country. Led by crying billionaires and rich heartless whiny babies; so unbecoming. These stomach turners not just are ruining Americas reputation, but America itself.

Washington Post:

Texas Democratic lawmakers who left the state to halt passage of restrictive voting legislation .. Washington Post.

Southern Republicans Have Cheated America for Years

Southern republicans have been cheating America for years. This new election took them by surprise. They couldn’t accept defeat. Like babies. In 62 years, voting has always been something government makes easy to do. Never saw a line. Maybe 5 minutes at the most. That’s because I live in the New England. In the south minority voter disenfranchisement has been happening ever since the end of the civil war when lots of blacks got elected locally and nationally. Southern republicans have been cheating the vote ever since. Using the filibuster in the Senate for 150 years.

Democracy NOW Video

When Republicans cannot funnel every vote in America into a 12 HOUR WINDOW – Republicans know they will always lose. The disenfranchisement methods Republicans have practiced for 150 years were unavailable in the last election. Conservatives KNOW they are experts at last minute disenfranchisement of the minority voter. It is easy to cheat the vote if it’s forced in 1 day because once a voter disenfranchised it is immediately too late. There’s no vote to be counted. Or recounted. Republicans found out it’s hard to cheat voters out of voting when they have time and methods to cast a vote. And whiny Republicans know it. Shameful losers.

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