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DeSantis is a Murderer Under Massachusetts Law

Is DeSantis Guilty of Homicide and Criminal Negligence?

Governor DeSantis of Florida is a killer. At least under Massachusetts law. In addition to blood, DeSantis also has financial loss on his hands. He and other republican governors have prevented America from recovering and indeed from fully re-opening. These leaders are a blemish in the legal system, making it appear as a system that only exists to keep the little fish in place. Republicans leaders are free to kill hundreds of thousands of Americans through messaging known falsehoods that cause death. CBS This Morning interviewed a man who talks to his son through hospital windows. When asked why the man did not take the vaccine he stated that he believed he was a strong conservative and did not need it. A strong conservative? No, he is a dumb conservative; dumbed-down from messaging and rhetoric from negligent Republican leaders.

MA Women Sent to Prison for Merely Suggesting Friend Kill Himself

Massachusetts case law would convict DeSantis. Recently Massachusetts actually sent a woman to prison after her close friend killed himself. Although she had talked him out of killing himself many of times prior to him actually taking his life, this one time she said if you are in that much pain – I’m sick of talking you out of it, maybe you just should do it. MA law (a single judge) blamed her for his death. This lawyer sluged up and this cannot be described softly!. It’s a shame that a judge would send innocent people to prison. A young innocent woman. Prison is supposed to be reserved for the worst of us. The animals in our society. She should have opted for a jury. It’s a sluging travesty and a joke to think this woman had a ounce of culpability in a man determined to take his own life. She probably supported him more than most others. But she was a killer in the eyes of MA law. And thus, so is DeSantis.

Let that be a lesson to those who cannot decide between a jury or a single judge. The judge sees prison and bad people all day – eventually they view the world through that filthy lens. When you’re a hammer, everything is a nail!

If She Is a Killer Then Is DeSantis is a Homicidal Maniac?

Desantis has legislated safety to be a crime. Making safety a crime during a pandemic. Threatening and making law that endangers America. Republicans are great businessmen but terrible leaders. They are mostly all versions of Trump, in Government for purely self interest.

Wow, I never thought I would live to see such bold ignorant fascists like Desantis hold major office in America. We may need to create Federated Districts to protect the rest of us from these monsters.

No Excuse – Southern Governors Are NOT Leaders

They are dangerous. Read the STORY: Doctors Angry and Embarrassed at Gov. DeSantis

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