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U.S. Republican Judge Lisa Wood Gives Peaceful PLOWSHARE Jesuit Priest Long Prison Sentence

We Demand Georgia Governor Release Catholic Priest Sentenced by Lawless Judge – And the others

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Father Steve Kelly Sentenced to 33 Months for Spray Painting A Missile Monument

Fr. Steve Kelly is a Jesuit priest that speaks truth to power.

How many graffiti spreaders were treated like this? Prison is torture! None! Justice in Georgia must be partisan against peace. US Judge Lisa Godbey Wood must have no conscience, or grasp of right and wrong, or of good and evil. This is exactly how they crucified Jesus. A priest in prison. Grrrrr… Was this prosecutor a distant relative of Pontius Pilate. What a slug.

These peaceful protesters are among the best of us. Who is this prosecutor clown that sits in judgement of priests?

They are the worst of us if they imprison a priest for graffiti – and a great reason to practice juror nullification. That’d be a nice backlash.

This judge should be impeached for jailing a peaceful protesting Jesuit priest. This is exactly how they crucified Jesus. Many of the other defendants have NEVER been sentenced to jail by any judge except this horrific Republican appointed partisan hack.

PATRICK O’Neill Sentencing Statement: Patrick O’Neill’s Sentencing Statement

Catholic hating Baptists decide a peaceful JESUIT Catholic priest must be caged and tortured like a animal. We know a system that would sentence a Catholic Jesuit Priest cannot be trusted.

Any Justice System that jails peaceful priests is a flawed system. If you were in the jury you can and should practice juror nullification in cases like this; it’s an integral part of our justice system; and that is a fact according to English Law. Our forefathers practiced juror nullification. Juror nullification is part of the Law. A 1920 Supreme Court ruling (yep they took it that far and lost) states that a judge is supposed to inform jurors (but they don’t) of this option. To nullify the application of law in a case by case basis. We just saw every Republican Senator practice juror nullification during the impeachment hearings when let the biggest criminal in America not only walk away from attempting to sell out our country, but actually allowed Trump to continue in his money making use of the American Presidency.

Read the Dirty Republican Version About Blood Toting Catholics: Band of 7 blood-toting Catholics .. lol

Till recently US Judge Lisa Wood was looking the other way when black men get shot. And killed. If a black man is jogging in Georgia why is it OK for him and so many other Black Men to have been gunned down for the last 100 years. Even today in broad daylight? It literally took an entire national response (and indeed from the entire world) for anyone in Georgia to do the right thing. Their inclination is to do the wrong thing first. It’s been going on for years and years and years.

US Judge Lisa Godbey Wood was bread in old Kentucky but she’s a crumb everywhere outside the deep dark south. The southern states collectively hold more hate and racism than the rest of the entire world. Mississippi, Georgia and Alabama are still burning and always will be. What a scary place to be a regular person. Or black. Or Jesuit.

WE DEMAND THE RELEASE of Jesuit Priest Father Steve Kelly.

What’s honorable about US Judge Lisa Godbey Wood

US Judge Lisa Godbey Wood has stated she will not follow the law when Obama was President. She said she was willing to side with polluters ignoring the justice department regulations and take the law into her own hand and do whatever the slug she wanted to do. Even in this time of climate change.

US Judge Lisa Godbey Wood is a partisan political hack with a poor mind, bad judgement and was only appointed because this is the political hack world we live in where scary fascists stand in judgement of regular people, and priests. And hurt them. She is otherwise not qualified as a judge. She is only qualified as a political hack. Read her partisan anti Obama views below.

READ STORY HERE: Federal Judge: Georgia and Nine Other States May Ignore Obama-era ‘Waters of the United States’ Rule

The peoples response to US Judge Lisa Godbey Wood should be the same medicine. Ignore her. Thomas Jefferson would want America to practice more juror nullification if for any reason to just remind the system it is you who is in charge this justice system and it is not the employees. They are all there just for you. The juror. Juror means law. You are the embodiment and the application of any law in any courtroom in America. You are the most powerful person in America. The Juror. The law. You are the only yielding factor within the law. Everyone else is a cog in the machine.

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