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DeJoy Testifies to Senate But Silent on Sorting Machine Crime Scene

Sorting Machines in Broken Pieces On Floors Appear as Crime Scene

This a crime scene. Hundreds and hundreds of mail machines have been destroyed to slow down the mail.

Postal Sorting Machines left in broken pieces on the floor and the mail begins to slow down immediately thereafter. Are republicans concerned? Is it surprising republican lawmakers look the other way? YES. That’s apparently what they do best. Nothing.

Rand Paul

Rand Paul asks: Is the Post office competitively priced? Like FED-EX? Of course not you ass hole privateer. Rand Paul Scumbag Wants FED-EX pricing for our Post Office. What kind of question is it to ask if the Post office is priced like Federal Express. And Paul infers it should be $10 to mail a letter. Why would an ordinary person or any person vote for a Rand Paul when he is a traitor to the middle class. Rand Paul is setting the bar for his re-election.

Ron Johnson

And now comes Ron Johnson. He says that Democrats are making up a problem that does not exist. That traitor. What’s happened o our lawmakers? The mail is slowed down and in the face of many pictures of destroyed sorting machines. This a crime scene.
practice juror nullification.

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