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Steve Bannon Pulled Off 150′ Yacht For A Politically Charged Arrest

Steve Bannon Is Not Your Typical Justice System Arrest

Steve Bannon is not your typical justice system related arrest; he is a political one. They’re watching him now but not before. It’s a proper arrest but normally the system would not even be looking at the Steve Bannons and the Paul Manforts. Why would they have waited till now to arrest these white collar criminals? Please note that they’ve been free until now. Some people who run the system are taking revenge on these big mouths. Who can blame them?

A Steve Bannon arrest is unusual. The criminal justice system is so busy trying to criminalize regular people and ingestors of substances (today’s heretics) that they never look at the big big criminals. The Justice System has devolved into nothing more than a system of revenge. It’s shocking. Deconstructing that fact shows that regular people are the enemy of the system. Especially the least of us are PERCEIVED as the enemy. Expendable enemies of the typical government official.

The justice system is not looking at rich fucks that don’t pay taxes. They have rich fuck lawyers. They’re looking for people selling illegal cigarettes on the street. Like Eric Garner. Regular people are getting long PRISON stretches for non criminal behaviors like ingestion. These innocent folk are pushed into a prison cage and surrounded by dangerous people. Regular people are treated like animals and placed alongside truly sick and violent people (as a punishment) by the so called greatest country on earth.

Criminality is in the blood of everyone that surrounds Donald J Trump. They make huge amounts of money and don’t pay the taxes. Big money. They can afford it! BUT They all lie and they all steal. In a normalized society these big time mafioso style white collar criminals would already have been in jail. So how do liars and thieves become leaders of the greatest democracy in the world?

The justice system exists mostly to serve the upper class and no one else. Keeping order is secondary.

Don’t kid yourself and practice juror nullification.

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