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Indignant Protesters Appear at Pat Lynch Queens Residence Demand Apology

Police Unions Back Trump

Evidence released shows Pat Lynch covered up severity of Police atrocities.

Pat Lynch is the police union mouthpiece who argues to put killer cops back on street. He and the police unions have endorsed Donald Trump.

They love Trumps lawlessness and falsehoods so what does that say about the content of police character? Trump has to be creative to find his support but it’s always about violence and disenfranchisement. Hate speech is all he has got. The police love it.

We love it too because they are demonstrating that police today are fascists. We need to create a new non-fascist police force in America. It’s soon to be the end for Pat Lynch and his band of inquisition style bullies.

I wrote a song: Sung to the melody of Everly Brothers .. Bye Bye Love.

Bye Bye Fucks

Bye bye facist fucks, bye bye naziness, hello Antifa-ness, I think I’m gonna get high.

Link to Fascist loving NY POST.

Always Practice juror nullification for non-dangerous defendants..

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