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Trump Administration Asleep At Wheel as Russian Hackers for 9 Months Infiltrated Every Agency

Russian Hackers Infiltrated Every Agency and Pulled All Intelligence

Trump officials are criminally incompetent and negligent! They play golf while Russia does ‘real work’. Espionage against the United States.


Putin Crossed the Atlantic Like Washington Crossed the Delaware

Republicans have handed our democracy to Russia and lost the Cyber War. It’s similar to when George Washington crossed Delaware River and caught the Hessians with their pants down and asleep. This time it was Putin taking a cake walk directly into Washington, DC while the Trump republican led incompetents slept. And while Trump played golf and after he appointed incompetent political hacks as watchdogs. Putin penetrated almost every government agency including the Department of Energy where are nuclear secrets are kept. 8000 networks were penetrated by Russian hackers who went undetected for 9 months. A private firm reported it to Government officials when it was discovered, however no law exists requiring the reporting of such a discovery. If 8000 networks were compromised was this hack discovered earlier without any report outside of that enterprise.

Trump Crime Family of Republican Officials Hand Russia the Keys to America

Trump Republicans have handed our country to our enemies – they spend all their time incompetently. Chasing Julian Assange for showing Americans (in a democracy) a secret video that wasn’t a secret at all. The Trump Republicans that play golf while Russia does ‘real work’ must be severely punished.

Russia and China laugh at us because of Republican incompetence. Selfish minded republican clowns MUST BE PUNISHED if there is any real JUSTICE in America. These officials should fall on their swords. We should give them a push and demonstrate there are consequences to petitioning America for power and then ignoring any sense of responsibility. They should be IMPRISONED for life. In China or Russia they’d get a 10 minute trial and taken out back to be shot and lit on fire – like a pig roast.

We can assume that Russia has every piece of intelligence in America

ALL THE US AGENCIES NEEDED WAS AN UPDATE SERVER WITH A VIRUS PROGRAM. AN ISOLATED SERVER. BUT NOPE! People that were negligent (and there were hundreds) have lost the cyber war to Russia. Russia has buried Trojan Horses throughout the Government Network infrastructure and we have likely lost our own network infrastructure.

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