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The Ignorant Sluts That Keep Marijuana an Imprisoned Criminal Act

Republicans Ignore Marijuana Reform and Use Floor for Unrelated Discussion

This Friday 12/05/2020 The House of Representatives will vote to decriminalize marijuana. More than 50 years after Woodstock (1969), the coat hanger states have taken notice that there will be ONE LESS form of human disenfranchisement on their table. One less way to slug innocent people. It’s absolutely disgusting that INGESTION is a crime. You have to have a mind of slug to believe it. People who believed heresy was a crime had the same mind of slug a hundred years ago. These impugning fascists never go away.

These outdated laws are backed by the same liars and propagandists that want to disenfranchise elections. This is what we see from Republicans on a daily basis – with their support of TRUMP-LIKE propaganda. And now it’s about disenfranchising Our Elections? These people are the enemy of everything that’s good.

Drugs are NOT a crime. Ingestion is not a crime. Liars are your criminals; the biggest in America. Those who solicit America for power, are then awarded it, and go on to use that public platform for propaganda should be prosecuted FOR PERJURY. Officials should always be on the record and guilty of perjury whenever they use the peoples platform to KNOWINGLY spew lies. This is currently the biggest crime in America.

Cannabis related measures have been blocked by dirty republican nazis for years!

Osama Bin Laden was never your REAL enemy – your REAL enemy are those who’d make a lot of effort and make a lot of money putting your (completely innocent) family members in a cage for ingestion. Those who WANT TO refer to you as ‘prisoners’ and ‘criminals’ are the only ones who can really hurt you and your family. They may be Americans but they’re not members of the human race – not like us. Most all republican led states FEEL GOOD about long jail sentences for smoking weed – 50 years after Woodstock. It’s like they are governing other countries. Third world countries. Again, not one us! Not on your side. The cannabis haters (are also the juicers) always – always seem to be the most uneducated.

Only 5 Republicans Vote on the First Issue

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