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Unbecoming Disrespectful Sore Loser Crybaby Trump Calls Election for Self

Whiney Crybaby Billionaire President

Washington Post Story

After stating Donald Trump would not call the election early for himself, Trump did exactly that. He has no control over the slightest impulse so it is scary to think this painted clown around for another 4 years. He will probably start WW III.

He actually called the election for himself – hours after the election just when they are counting the votes from Democrats. What a baby. Not a man at all. Crybaby Billionaire always stating things are unfair for him. Disrespectful whiney rich man!

Even worse is the pulse of an America that would re-elect such an evil liar. A man who checks every box on the “Is This Satan?” list. Yes – this is Satan, and the same one that Jesus warned about.

The So-Called Christian Vote

Would the evangelical Christians invite Satan to dinner? They really don’t seem like the angels Jesus would hang out with. Ya know .. with the guns, and petitioning the government for laws of discrimination (instead of petitioning the lord for the opposite). So what makes them evangelical? Merely getting together as a group with a name they give themselves? The shocking part is these evangelicals may not be Christians at all. They pray to the God of the sword. Y’all are praying to Allah. Your prayers are falling on the ears of Allah. Allah is the God of the sword. Jesus represents the God of peace. Evangelicals support Allah much more so than Jesus.

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