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Trump Sponsored Republican Clowns Interrogate Facebook & Twitter in Partisan Sideshow

Irresponsible Republican Senators Threateningly Interrogate Facebook and Twitter for Anti-Conservative Bias Days Before US Election

Why can’t I lie? This needs to be explained to Republicans. We really live in the ‘age of deception’ when these questions require an answer. How stupid are they? Not stupid at all. Facebook, Google and Twitter execs were yanked in off the street by the US Republican led Senate to create a Trump sponsored sideshow. Republicans used poor uninformed examples to conflate the flagging of falsehoods as a form of anti-conservative bias.

The first questions come from KS, who uses Iran to compare Trump falsehoods. KS Republican questions Twitter founder with a hard line. Inferring that if Iran has the right to use the Twitter podium, then the the President has the right to state falsehoods. What the fuck does Iran have to do with Trumps demand to lie in an ‘unquestioned’ fashion to America. KS and other republican senators think bringing up the word ‘Iran’ and complaining that if Iran can tweet (at all), then republicans can use Twitter to lie to America. Throughout the day Republicans tried to put pressure Dorsey. Every example the Republicans used was ignorant, uninformed and just plain wrong. A real sideshow that produced nothing. The republican intent was to use irrelevant examples to put Twitter on the defensive and demonstrate that Twitter has bad intent.

But a liars intent is always bad. Otherwise they’d use the truth.

Amy Klobuchar points out how Facebook algorithm (as stated by an fb employee) promotes divisiveness that in turn promotes use and makes FB more money.

When people are threatened they loosen up. Especially if they can get a crowd to yell. This hearing is designed to put a spotlight and pressure on Social Media to allow lies as a normal part of Republican style living and breathing. Falsehoods are a part of who they are.

Now comes Ted ‘the fuck’ Cruz barking and yelling and bullying and demanding questions to his answers. The NY Post is violating terms of Twitter and Ted is crazy mad. People who lie get flagged. Liars and fucks like Ted Cruz lie routinely without question everywhere else in their life. Sorry Ted, not with Twitter.

People like Ted Cruz have destroyed the legitimacy of America.

Markey asks thoughtful questions on US stability during upcoming election.

Marsha Blackburn lectures FB and Twitter execs that there are people who want to read falsehoods in her (under educated) part of the country. Isn’t this a criminal perspective from Marsha Blackburn? Why .. and how is it even possible, that every Republican senator would want falsehoods to be treated as opinion. BUT THEY DO WANT THAT! They are the most dangerous legislators in the history of this country. Traitors to our democracy!

Tammy Duckworth rips the Republican senators a new asshole and accuses the Republicans of subverting and weakening our democracy only to satisfy the selfish interests of Donald J. Trump.

Duckworth states that she will defend democracy against enemies foreign and domestic, indicating:

Republicans behave like a domestic enemy that needs to be defended against.

Republicans weaken our security and provide aid to our adversaries. Republicans are playing politics with an honest Social Media effort to police our media outlets Republicans have misinterpreted it as anti-conservative. Censoring false and dis-information (like masks don’t work). Our enemies know that social media is soft spot in our democracy that can be weaponized to destabilize our most important democratic institutions.

Republicans did not ask Facebook and Google why they collect and sell our privacy. Is that your next hearing!

Selling our privacy should be against the law and you are derelict for letting these companies put a camera on us recording our lives and selling our most private thoughts; thoughts that others own in writing long after we forgot. These companies know more about a person than that person knows about themself.

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