Trump Uses the Bible as a Symbol of Division

Gasses and Beats America

President Trump ordered the gassing of peaceful protesters to show an act of force, then went to the church across the street and held up a bible as symbol of division. Police are shown beating an Australian woman news crew with clubs. Hitting peaceful people with sticks in the year 2020. When will humanitarians lead the world? America leads the world in violence; the greatest purveyor of violence in the world.

Chicken Hawk

Is it not sickening to see such proud coward walk around like a tough guy. Bonespur Don telling Governors how to be a tough guy. Trump is a Chicken Hawk; chickened out of serving in Vietnam where he would have to do REAL fighting. Sickening member of the human race tough talking and dividing the nation with taxpayer muscle behind him.

How can such an open and arrogant coward be the president? How can America be manged by scary fascist Republicans? Plainly speakin’, they are terrible managers and administrators.

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