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Rich Tax Cheats Can Now Outspend the IRS

Republicans Defund Americas Financial Police & Enable More White-Collar Crime

The rich can outspend the IRS! The IRS cannot employ enough agents to deal with lawyers employed by the rich to fight audits of their fake deductions.

The Republicans want to defund the IRS, who are our “Financial Police”. House Republicans have sought to defund our most important police. These Police make America financially secure. And they make America money through enforcement and oversight. IRS commissioner estimates as much as $1 TRILLION dollars goes uncollected from the rich tax cheats. Republicans have stunted the IRS enforcement capabilities and now White Collar criminals will get a pass from goodfella Stevie Scalise (little Stevie).

So, why do House Republicans seek to defund the IRS? Now we can see why. Now we get to see how that actually plays out. Their friends can now outspend the IRS. The IRS is unable to hire enough agents and enough accounting specialists capable of understanding and auditing the complex returns and dealing with lawyers of the rich. And thus, the rich white-collar criminals of America just continue to get away with their fake deductions year after year.

Are House Republicans Legalizing White Collar Crime?

Are House Republicans Americas greatest enablers of white collar crime? Washington Post Headline reported:

“House Republicans late Monday voted to strip roughly $71 billion from the Internal Revenue Service, targeting money Congress approved last year to help the agency find and pursue tax cheats”

House GOP votes to slash IRS funding, targeting pursuit of tax cheats


The Week Reported that: The 1st bill out of new GOP-majority House would cut $71 billion from IRS, cost $114 billion (theweek.com)

In 2018 House Republicans demanded a policy that said IRS agents could not go after those making more than 200K.

The ‘Scalise Fellas’

Today, in a JAN 9, 2023 press conference Steve Scalise said these “IRS agents would’ve been used to go after hard working families”. That was a lie. The rich tax cheats were their target, not the poor or working class. They do not have any money. These would be Agents and would be support staff would be filling roles to go after rich Conservative tax cheats that hide behind sneaky tax lawyers who then wear down the IRS agents in courts, primarily because IRS currently lacks resources to go after them. 

Estimated $574 Billion Uncollected Taxes

However, Commissioner Rettig has estimated there is $1 Trillion in uncollected taxes mostly from the rich. That means working class Americans must pick up the slack left by the right-wing tax cheats. Republicans are protecting those that steal $1,000,000,000,000 from America every year.

They want to defund OUR financial police. The police that police the rich. And fund our world. Today’s House Republicans may be Americas greatest enablers of White-Collar crime. They created a policy that said IRS agents could not go after those making more than 200K. Then Scalise tied the Republican policy in a press conference TODAY JAN 9, 2023, to Biden. Then he said that’s why they want to defund the IRS. It is shocking to witness Legislators who openly lie. Perjurers could take down OUR Democracy. Liars that should always be on the record. It is the greatest perjury in the world when an elected official purposely lies to an electorate. 

The Wealthy steal close to $1,000,000,000,000
from America every year.

Commissioner Rettig (IRS Commissioner)

Today’s voting Republicans are not your father’s Republican party; they are NOW the party of fascists. There is no question about that. This seems like a war between good and evil; and (pernicious) liars are the earths most evil force. Check the Bible if in doubt. That force has a name and it’s in the Bible. “The Great Deceiver.” Even Germany, who had the smartest people in the world went bad; purely from “liars in charge”. What we have here in America now. WW2 German voters paid a terrible price, along with everyone else. America is destroying itself by electing its worst to lead. Half of the voter base in America elects the very people who’d NEVER be elected at any other time in history in America. Couch potato America is far more dumbed down than 50 years ago. This notable demise comes as a result of fairy tale falsehoods.

How has half of America devolved into a bunch of fish – salivating to bite the hook of falsehood?

Estimated 574 Billion Uncollected Taxes From Rich Republicans – Commissioner Rettig said up to 1 Trillion Uncollected

Commissioner Rettig (IRS Commissioner)

Republican policies and tactics put the tax burden completely on average Americans .. it ALL falls on them. Or at least a lot more. Voting Republican puts more of the Federal and State budgets on the shoulders of Average Americans.

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