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Republican Propaganda Has Become The Biggest Crime in the Last 50 Years

Republicans Spread Mis-truth Like Butter

The republican coat-hanger states are suffering as a result of listening to republican propaganda and believing that the world pandemic is ‘a hoax’ or ‘fake news’.

Blood on ALL Their Hands

The republicans and the Trump Administration are responsible for a lot of death.

Republican Not Qualified As Leaders

Republican politicians have exhibited the most ignorant leadership in the entire world. They’ve shut down America by not wearing masks setting a bad example, and then outright lying about simple common truths. This pandemic has tested leadership. This has been a test of leadership and the republicans are like amateurs and do not qualify as leaders. Only concerned about their own pocketbook, there’s a bigger reality to lousy republican leadership. They have destroyed my country’s economic standing by making the situation worse, if you can believe that.

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