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Republican Propaganda Has Become The Biggest Crime in the Last 50 Years

Blood on ALL Their Hands – Yikes!

The republican legislators and the Trump Administration are responsible for a lot of death. What will they pay for that havoc. Will they lose seats in Congress?

republican legislators Spread Falsehoods Like Butter

The republican coat-hanger states are suffering as a result of listening to republican propaganda and believing that the world pandemic is ‘a hoax’ or ‘fake news’.

republican legislators Are Not Qualified As Leaders

Republican politicians have exhibited the most ignorant leadership in the entire world. They’ve shut down America by not wearing masks setting a terrible example for my country to the rest of the world. The republican legislators routinely lie to Americans about simple commonly understood truths. They are playing Americans as their fools. They are like the enemy with their propaganda. This pandemic has tested leadership as well as our will. Our will sucks and so do our leaders.

The Democrats are so weak and pathetic in their ineffective political response. Democrats should have had their all the greedy Republican heads in a bag! They’re too nice. They should hire me for their ass kickin.

This has been the real test of leadership for the republican legislators too – we are watching amateurs in Government positions. They do not come close to qualifying as leaders when it comes to governance. Governing. Business is not governing. It seem they are only in government for access to the pocketbook. But there’s a bigger reality to this lousy republican leadership. They have destroyed my country’s economic standing through falsehoods. They’ve made the situation worse instead of better, if you can believe that.

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