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Should Officials Have to Touch a Bible to Commit Perjury – Aren’t They Always On The Record?

Has the Press Normalized Deception When It Represents Truth and Lies As Apples and Oranges instead of Apples and No Apples.

President Trump Uses Falsified Data on Chris Wallace Interview

In a recent interview on FOX News Trump attempts to use a chart of false values to make his case, but Chris Wallace calls him out on it. Trump does not relent. Chris Wallace does not relent either. The president of the United States starts yelling. This is a priceless time in human history when the world needs real leadership in an era when populist clowns prevail. It is painful for normal people to see such acts of lying by a sitting US President, and with Trump even more so when it’s forced upon a journalist. Trump raises his voice to talk over Wallace just as Chris begins to outline his reasoning. A technique Trump excels at. He’s been cutting people off his entire life and like a bully – chargin’ over you like a bull when he does not want to hear the truth. Chris Wallace finishes the interview and states he will look forward to seeing Trumps proof of his false claim. The proof never arrives, so Wallace finishes the story in the studio.

Trump Gets Hit With A Chris Wallace Left Hook

I’ll Be Right Eventually

Is that how being right works? Trump says; ‘I’ll Be Right Eventually.’ It takes a real mind of slug to elicit a response like that. Why does our press quote this madman liar every day as if he’s a regular person or president. The press has normalized deception by representing lies like apples and oranges. As a result we live in the age of deception. The age of slug. The press is afraid of him. The TV producers are the behind the scenes clowns that determine what we hear and how we hear it. And these producer clowns treat Trump like he normal. They see him as a profit center. This is where news went bad, and essentially ceased to exist. They have no bar to common sense and that is the greatest difference in our press today.

Actual Numbers by a tracking University

Trumps Chart of the Virus Data Leaves Out Countries Like Russia

Three Generations Separate the Greatest and The Worst Generations

How can 40% of America STILL be for Trump. Not proud. Not going to be great. I have watched the right steal the entire country in my lifetime. Jimmy Carter was the last great leader. Trump? MAGA? It can only mean one thing. This is the generation that will surely lose that greatness. Just like Hitler and everything Trump does and says is right out of Hitlers playbook. Propaganda.

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