Mask-less Republicans Hold Another ‘Trump Virus’ Rally

Americas Biggest Criminals are the Maskless Walking Around in Public

Donald Trump held another so called rally where he masklessly got in front of ignorant maskless people. Then he lied and gave them what they need. More falsehoods to cheer about. Setting a criminal example to sicken America. Let’s face it, Donald Trump isn’t just a fucktard. His confident ignorance is why he’s dangerously incompetent.

They do not care about anyone and Republican selfishness could not be more on display. We should question if republican legislators are capable and qualified to understand the concept of government, fairness and sharing. Their view on all (even wearing a mask) is askew. Not normal. Selfish. Fuck-like. We should not let them go without indicting them as criminals that ruined america. Selfish fucks. This is serious business and has jeopardized our world. It should be treated harshly. Strongly responded to with our Reps acting tough and start throwing chairs around and unite people and march with them!

The responsible people in America wear masks. Selfish republican legislators do not and are criminally negligent for spreading the Trump Virus. I have been wearing a mask since MARCH 2020. I still see many not wearing masks in public and I confront them. My life has been threatened twice and now I will film them. and I have on almost 7 months later because of those that do not wear a mask. They keep the infection rate soaring and endangering America as a business and as a country, but it is without consequences for them. Republican legislators are making the entire country pay, many with their lives.

Republican legislators put all of us who are at risk. We are still wearing a mask because of these dumb asses. They are plain stupid and the reason government was invented in the first place. To protect us from Republicans. To protect the innocent from the stupid. Some people have to told what to do – with consequences. We should be fining non mask wearers $400 for being maskless in crowds or on croded streets or especially on narrow bike paths. The people actually need laws them from lawless republican legislators. We can see from how people behave when trusted. Republican legislators inspired the first laws.

These mask-less petri-dishes are running around America infecting us with the Trump Virus. We need a big time law that puts selfish republican legislators that spread the Trump Virus in a cage.

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