Donald Trump Calls for American Right Wing Madrassas to Replace Education System

Donald Trump claims the American education system trains our children’s minds in left wing propaganda and has proposed right wing madrassa-like schools and similar methods to re-educate our children. As Donald Trump spoke I felt my chest tighten and my stomach sicken. I could see the evil in his eyes and feel it in my body as I watched him willingly try to divide America using falsehoods and hate. Methods so bold and evil they have never really been seen before. I watched his eyes piercing into the crowd as he proposed the end of my country. He is so forthright as he tries to pin his falsehoods on our society. I am filled with fear and anger. Donald Trump says these things to anger good people. Only to get a reaction.

Mary Trump’s sociopathic description of the President is on true display as he lies to achieve his end.

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