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Bill Barr Bends the Truth Like Uri Gellers Spoons

Bill Barr utters falsehoods like Uri Geller bends spoons. Mr Barr was recently profiled by CBS This Morning on September 17, 2020. Bill Barr spoke out against Black Lives Matter and protesters saying BLM is not a real movement, but that the BLM movement is only concerned with about a dozen killings per year. The actual number is about 250 killings per year. Barr did not know when not knowing that at this time is the epitome of incompetence. How is he that far off? He’s not. His answer lies is in what we saw in the Woodward and Trump interview tapes. Lies and liars. Barr is a liar on purpose. They are all liars on purpose. They behave like an enemy of America.

Why? The practiced liar understands advanced lying techniques. Hitler talked about it in Mein Kampf. Tell BIG LIES. It makes all the other lies easier to believe. Somehow … This practice allows republican legislators to keep sowing a type of confusion to better seed ongoing lies. Deception is a real science for republican legislators. This is a science they can and do believe in. Election suppression science is another. For the Republican it’s all about gaining the unfair advantage. Why lie on purpose? It’s part of their game to keep Americans off theirs. Off balance only to seed lies. The problem is how republican legislators use it. Only for personal gain. Not for America, but for republican legislators. This makes republican legislators the enemy of America and all good people. Shocking!

It’s funny to watch Trump republican legislators squirm when they realize they cannot suppress the vote – because no one can suppress the mail. All those years of practice down the drain. That won’t stop the righteous Republican because they take over the post office by appointing DeJoy and waste no time dismantling mail processing equipment. Funny! Especially watching the democrats. Like a bunch of deer in headlights. They react like Barney Fife and his shaky gun. Pull the trigger you fucking wimps. Where are the ass kicking Democrats? Do they even exist? They are unable to even point a finger without bending it. If Democrats only had balls the word republican legislators would become a word like Whigs. Still, all this evidence to follow suggests that republican legislators are a criminal organization, masquerading as a political entity with their only interest in self gain using our judiciary and treasury.

Barr suggested politicians should tell medical professionals what is right and wrong even during a pandemic. Barr stated that Black Lives Matter is not concerned with Black Lives but rather about what he states are a dozen police killings a year. Again the real number over 250. Blacks are 3 times more likely to be killed by police. America is a dangerous country for some. Barr has suggested we bring sedition charges against protesters. Against the Bill of Rights?

Bill Barr stated ‘a national lock down is like slavery’ and people should be free to infect their neighbors. William Barr is a temporary administrator of the US Justice System. He has stated that junior prosecutors are going after politicians and it is no way to run a justice system.

Barr has criticized prosecutors for going after politicians but offered no criticism for going after good people. Going after regular people for meaningless crimes (like drugs) and long prison time is still fine and okay.

When asked about interference Barr states he is the ultimate justice decider while he is in power. Although he is an administrator and not justice itself, he nevertheless states he owns the system and he cannot interfere because he owns justice. Barr is wrong. Tell Mr Barr he is wrong again! The Justice System is a separate branch of government.

If republican legislators like Barr (or anyone) is in charge during a pandemic, and then makes a false statement that sickens America (like he did), then that person should be considered a special kind of enemy. Criminals with power that can endanger the American people. People like Bill Barr are the biggest criminals in America. We have learned something about criminality during this pandemic. We have watched republican legislators knowingly guide Americans off a cliff while criminalizing other citizens who would swallow ingestibles. Or inhale anything that’s not gun powder. For the fucks, drugs are a crime and deception is not. It’s mind bending that DRUGS are a crime based on the judgement of the harsh bastards who lie to good people; those who would guide us to a cliff. Drugs are not a crime but guiding us off a cliff is a big crime!

The reality is that drugs are the bread and butter of the justice system and the especially the prisons. Barr loves it. Republican allies are heavily invested in private prisons. If drugs were legal (and they will be someday like Netherlands) we will then FIRE half the justice system employees and close half the prisons.

Protesting or ‘petitioning government’ is a guaranteed right. It is in The Bill of Rights. Yet Bill Barr has advocated hurting protesters with prison. That dirty fucktard! Putting republican legislators in a cage just for being republican legislators (essentially Nazis) is a better idea and could make America safer. Trump and Barr and their gang are all Nazis Gangsters and everyone knows it – but the press will give evidence of it but won’t state it. Too bad. We need a free press when there are modern day Nazis. Not neo-cons. They are not new. They are not conservative.

These Nazi republican legislators are not ordinary criminals. If you ask them they’ll say they are victims. When not given an unfair advantage, they have the biggest mouths and loudest cries. Their definition of injustice and unfairness is laughable. Especially when they whine like little babies. More like the screaming brat in the grocery store. If a Republican cannot have an unfair advantage over you they will cry and make a lot of noise. It’s an act. Their cries are only designed to give them an unfair advantage. In this sense they are among the worst of us. Without grace. They do not care. It’s time to fight the fucks of injustice.

Why are all Republican legislators fucktards? What happened to them? They are really dangerous people. Ignorant yet confident. Always willing to pull the trigger on their guns. John Lennon said ‘one thing you can’t hide, is when you’re crippled inside.’ Great song. He was talking about republican legislators. Yet republican legislators have no problem hiding from Democrats. Hopefully they will be powerless in January.

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