Debate Lessons – Evil Thrives When Good People Do Nothing

The debate was the first time Donald Trump had to stand still in a long time. He’s like a fidgety child. Until he speaks. It’s clear the president had lost touch during the debate forgetting everything he went through with his handlers. He fell back on his old reliable gut. It was hilarious! That gut was on display.

Trump had to stand there and obey when the debate had rules to follow. He could not do it. He was too used to his dictator mindset. He just steam rolled over both Chris Wallace the moderator and Joe Biden. He used the Trump whine of unfairness when Wallace asked to let Biden speak. Trump also criticized Chris Wallace for asking him a relevant question. He said; “I guess I am debating you Chris too ..I’m not surprised.” What a fucking whiney baby.

Trump called the ballots and essentially the entire election fraudulent. Trump then called out his proud boys to be ready to go to war and attack the American people to stand by. I hope they do .. and come right out holding their guns. That will be the end of them.

Tax Cheat – Terrible Businessman – Lousy president

‘Painty the Clown’ made America look bad and made our enemies happy. Putin and I were both laughing. But for different reasons. I want Trump to look bad – I do not want him to look good under any circumstances. He is bad. A bad person. He chose evil when asked. He had a choice. I am glad he exposed his true character.

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