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RMV Website SUCKS – Centers Close – Difficult to Renew Drivers License

Are Massachusetts RMV Republicans Qualified

Go ahead and try to renew your license online. For me: I have built and designed OVER 200 websites, still I am not skilled enough to renew my license through the Mass RMV website. And my license is now expired. There is no one you can even ask for help. If I need help then everyone does. But their phone lines are closed. Their service centers are closed. Everyone still collects their pay. Worthless undeserving hacks are in charge. We could get homeless people to work for us better than these republican political hacks. An absolutely abominable website with no intuitive design.

The contact page says wait 2 weeks

The contact page says wait 2 weeks for an answer. I have wasted half a day just finding out how renew my license. Lol. Their phones are off. The political fucks drink their coffee and stretch out their legs out on their big republican desks while they send us needlessly into a black hole. Wait 7 to 10 business days. Just for a response! Hey, fuck you – you republican hack and fuck your 10 days. You suck.

You can only get this type of shit web design from the lesser qualified who focus on GOVT and get hired by the state. They focus on GOVT contracts. Very few qualify to work for the state. Only the well connected get those jobs, and they are never the best qualified. And it shows, the design and functionality SUCK.

Unable To Renew MA Drivers License

These politically appointed managers have really taken advantage of the people when they decide to put up a website that’s hard to use, then stop taking calls, close the centers, and even stop telling you your license has expired. They do not even send you a bill when this is their easiest money. An absolute ‘fuck mentality’. What’s wrong with these people. Absolutely ZERO website customer service too. Then they close the offices. Nothing you can do. For at least 7 to 10 business days. Probably a lot longer. When you call they refer you to the website and hang up.
But I must Keep driving. No choices there. I have doctors appointments and very ill with Lyme Disease.

This experience has given me a new mission. State government analysis.

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