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Baker Republicans Completely Suck Up the RMV and Why Trump Voters Exist

Republicans Are Great in Business but Terrible at Government

The Registry is just taking money. How do you slug that up? Let’s get ready for a Democratic Administration that can run our Registry of Motor Vehicles. What the hell do you have to lose? If you can’t run the RMV then you likely suck at everything else.

Republicans are ONLY concerned with 2 things –
1. Assuring OUR Judiciary is COMPRISED of Federalist Society Friends they can Call.
2. Avoiding Taxes (just like Trump).

The problem for us regular folk is we have no one to call.

When you call the state house there is no option to connect to the Governors office, like Baker is not part of the building at all, when his corner office occupies most of it. The only choice you have is to Senate of House. No Governor. They don’t want accountability.

The Republicans are unqualified to work in Government because it is the opposite of business. The problem is that Republicans approach Governing like a business, under-staffing, killing off everything that costs money (tax avoidance) and sluging up any process that once worked well.

Republican politically appointed managers have really taken advantage of the people when they decide to put up a website that’s hard to use, then stop taking calls, close the centers, and even stop telling you your license has expired.

If you try to renew your license online you will know why Donald Trump got half the votes in America. I am driving unlicensed for 3 weeks and unable to renew. The reason Trump is popular is the same reason I cannot get help, or talk to anyone or even get an email address from the website. And there are so many like me who feel government is not there for me at all. I just checked. Nope, no one there!

The website keeps starting over when you don’t have a graphics designer to create scans and files. If you don’t have a scanner you remain unlicensed. Even if you were licensed last week.

After a day of calling all the numbers I never talked to anyone or got anything done. That was frustrating. Yup – if you renew a license online at the Mass RMV you’ll CLEARLY understand the Trump Voter. The worst people are in power. So why not make a grand shift. What the hell do you have to lose?

I have spent 2 days trying to renew a license. Well, not actually trying to renew the license, but trying to contact a live person. I cannot proceed to renew my license because the process shuts down and stops. So I neeed help. Lol. No one ever answers the phone. Gee Willakers! Clear evidence they are not competent.

When you call for help you only get a message that covers everything really fast and tells you nothing about getting help. Essentially REPUBLICAN slug-speak, and eventually you realize these slug-speak messages are telling you to go slug yourself.

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