Do Police Unions Train Police to Kill Americans – YES!

Do Police Unions Train Police to Kill Americans

Then union leaders use their big mouths to deflect criticisms. The unions have a sea of blood on their hands. The unions insist that police have a deadly job – but many videos show us that POLICE have brought most of the death to it. Union leaders are always defending the worst police officers as okay, even though they are assaulters and killers. Then arguing tooth and nail even going to court to put the worst of them back on our streets to hurt more regular people. This must end. The union leaders who argue for these cops to be back on the street must be held accountable and sued in civil court anytime these officers hurt someone else.

In this case it was like watching amateurs. The 2 police officers who tried to arrest a black man and killed him for sleeping in his car at a drive through are simply pathetic. The man they killed would be a better and more capable police candidate. More capable than the 2 weakling cops that took him down with their weaponry for almost no reason at all. Killing him for escaping a sleeping crime. Sleeping in a parking lot. The fact that these two men together could not contain a (slightly) inebriated man demonstrates that we have the wrong (weakling) people in this profession. Most cops are strong and tough. But these 2 officers were improperly trained on a dozen levels. If you are are not strong, then assassinate! Those who would put a bullet into a human beings body and ruin Gods work have absolutely no respect for humanity.

Black people are afraid of police. This officer was intent on finding something – hurting him – adding another layer of unnecessary hurt to this mans life. So he ran. You must reach a breaking point. Then killed shot in the back – for absolutely no reason.

This police officer felt he had a right to assassinate this man. He was trained to think that way. At the unions insistence and direction our police force has become like the military – absolutely horrific for a black a man in America. Terrorized by police on a daily basis.

We need to hire a different force for monitoring people. A progressive America can do without armed military Barney Fifes handing out traffic tickets or killing people for sleeping in a car..

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