Should America Impeach 300+ ‘Trump Loyalty Test’ Judges if Trump is Indicted

How many of these 300+ appointed Judges passed this Trump loyalty test?

Can or should a felon be allowed to appoint judges? The answer is no!

If Trump is found to be a felon for pre presidential crimes, we will impeach all of his judges. No felon should appoint supreme court judges in America. Especially after (almost) every spineless republican legislator has passed the ‘Trump Loyalty Test’. will not recognize any Trump judges until it is clear that he committed no pre-presidential crimes that would otherwise label him as a felon. Trump must not have a legacy of appointing the judicial direction of America if convicted of these crimes.

The reason we should impeach Trump judges is Trump is not qualified to determine judicial direction in America. Not just because Trump lost the election. He steals from the taxpayer and cheats the government just like he did with all the local Atlantic City small companies that built his casino (he then offered them half when they sued).

Trump is not a patriot but a fucking traitor to our democracy. He is a bad person. He ran from military service and then goes on to advocate the using nuclear weapons. A chicken-hawk. A real chicken hawk!

Trump voices an endless trail of one scary statement after another. But what is the retroactive meaning of not paying taxes when one makes billions. Scumbag! Trump must not have a legacy of appointing the judicial direction of America that is so opposed to the electorate that justice will fail and jurors will end up practicing juror nullification in every trial therafter.

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