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US Indicts for Crimes committed in China and North Korea

A grand jury of conservative clones and world class troublemakers have concluded that ‘crimes were committed” when people have lives in China and North Korea.

When the world is trying to starve regular people simply to curb international politics, playing starving people like pawns in a this game should be the crime, and maybe someday will be recognized as such.

The US has indicted 33 foreign nationals under the American legal system as International criminals. Are all legal systems international? Will future Americans be snatched off the streets of Seattle for breaking Chinese law?

Their crime; conspiracy. A slug word meaning making plans the fascists don’t like. When right wing fascists and mobsters are in charge ANYWHERE this is a really big crime, like heresy. These are thought crimes, thinking about what to think about. And apparently can be a big crime even if you are not subject to US law. Hey, does that mean Americans can be indicted in China for breaking their laws while I stand here in my home in the US.

These Charges:

1. CONSPIRACY – This is the big one; planning. Again these are thought crimes, thinking about what to think about. In this case they they were making plans to feed starving people.

2. VIOLATIONS – of the North Korea Sanctions Regulations, Violations of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation Sanctions Regulations. This is a long one that equates food and money with WMD. These republican legislators have stretched common sense before. I think it was the Iraq War and the fake made up WMD that started a war and disrupted the Middle East to this day. Maybe China should Indict the US for that.

3. Bank Fraud – North Korea is barred from money. And buying stuff. Big crimes according the “The Law”. No money for you! Little Stevie ‘Rich Boy’ Mnuchin is real tough guy with life itself willing to kill more impoverished North Koreans just to get to the leadership. Despicable! You should be sending them food and money, instead criminalizing entire societies when they are simply just able to survive.

4. International Money Laundering – How many times can we say this; No soup for you, North Korea. Come back, 3 months.

5. Criminal and civil forfeiture counts – This is the “We want your stuff so you have none Law.” Remember when the fascists would take a 50,000 boat if they found a marijuana seed. That was just a few years ago. Same fascists, different day. You can guess who the real criminal are here.

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