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Real Life Flim Flam Man Rewarded By Feds For Helping Prosecute His Victims

Did the Federal Government Partner With the Real Life Flim Flam Man to Prosecute His Victims?

You must watch the movie: The Flim Flam Man, starring George C. Scott, a funny romp filmed 50 years ago with some big names. Maybe you only need to watch the last 5 minutes of this movie.

Pay attention to the last five minutes. It poses a crazy question: Why is the US Attorney in Boston using a criminal thought process identical to that of the Flim Flam man movie?

Rick Singer is Rewarded by Federal prosecutors and the severity of his criminality and culpability are all trivialized. Why was scumbag Rick Singer in bed with the Feds. To prosecute his victims?

When this story first broke the Boston television press interviewed several of the would-be victims of Rick Singer that said NO to his scam. Every interview told their own scam story about why they did not work with Rick Singer. Some said a particular college was not a big enough deal to spend so much money. No one however, thought it was wrong. That was the striking part of those initial would-be victim interviews.

Rick Singer sold his scam with skilled flim flam technique. He made it sound normal, matter of fact and no big deal. As if, to some extent, the universities were in on it. Telling them it’s typical with the wealthy and benefactors and legacy students. Many of his victims were not college educated and believed him.

Then the US Attorney went after all of Singers victims as criminals. Thereafter there was not an utterance of would-be victim interviews. Mmm … are the corporate Boston television producers mouthpieces for the Government. It appears these so called Boston television producers sided with the Government from the onset. Perhaps they graduated from Mouthpiece for the Govt University or Ver Batim School of Journalism.

These were the ONLY objective witnesses! BUT not 1 single TV station in Boston mentioned these witnesses ever again. Never a rebroadcast. What journalism we have here in Boston. These would be victims had VERY serious stories that somewhat exonerated the college admission scandal criminals, making Rick Singer the only criminal – a real con-man criminal. After so much 1 sided press, it’s no wonder so many pleaded Guilty without a trial.

According to the Washington Post, Singer pursued his victim clients. AND THEN the only actual independent witnesses to this scam (those that declined Singer) were never heard from again. After the US attorney suggested he wanted everyone’s ass, even the victims. Thereafter the witnesses were silenced almost as if the Federal Government controlled the message. We know they don’t so .. It’s both interesting and alarming (fucking scary) from a morality point of view, especially against the backdrop of a movie whose morality twist at the end become reality – a movie filmed 50 years ago as a Romp with a morality twist at the end designed to make you sick. As a 10 year kid I was sickened by that logic 50 years ago and never forgot its ‘fuckspeak’ ending.

The US Attorney’s office adopted the same nauseating logic of the real life Flim Flam Man. Prosecuting victims for exactly the same reason the Flim Flam justified his thefts; “do I feel bad for any of them people I stole from, is that the question? … No. I consider myself a teacher. Those people thought they were stealing from me!”

The art of the successful scam is making the people think they are getting something for nothing. Even though they are ALWAYS paying. In the Flim Flam Man movie, George C Scott awarded himself the right to steal from anyone whom he could con into believing they were stealing from him. It’s a twisted logic.

“do I feel bad for any of them people I stole from, is that the question? No. I consider myself a teacher. Those people thought they were stealing from me ..”

In the same sense the Boston US Attorney awarded themselves an extrapolated right to hurt regular people for the crime of thinking they too were getting something for nothing. Because the Flim flam man gets one to believe his lies. Flim flam men are professional liars. Essentially, that’s all they are, inside and out, and that is all they contribute to society.

Any scam victim can now be prosecuted for being a victim. Prosecutors today are as scary as organized crime figures. You have to be a sociopath to put regular people in cages like animals. The only people prison hurts are regular people. Dangerous people (often the guards) are right at home. Maybe these scary fucks need to fill all the abandoned cells of exonerated Pot Smokers.

What a funny criminal justice system we have today. What a funny press we have today. Joe Pesci funny. Funny, but not like a clown.

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