Dejoy Lies to Congress and House Members Demand Immediate Suspension

House Judiciary Committee is questioning witnesses as to whether of not Louis DeJoy broke the law and lied about it.

According to the Washington Post, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) requested the U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors “suspend DeJoy immediately”. Senator Chuck Schumer made the same request.

Reimbursing employees for making political contributions is a violation of federal election laws. Very straight forward. He likely knew he broke the law. And he likely broke the law knowingly as he covered it up.

The criminals in the white house are in fact criminals. The mouthpiece for the criminals in the white house is Mark Meadows and he states that this is politically motivated. The only thing that is politically motivated is the lack of Republican oversight as they look the other way on every crime that involves their own party. It’s unprecedented and not just a sign that criminals have invaded our society, but they have stuck their needles of deceit into the very veins of our democracy and poisoned its very core. It’s not a test of our democracy, they are actually trying to take it down and it should be reported as such.

This is more evidence and it isn’t it obvious that the Republican party has a criminal intent that disqualifies their judgement and ability to govern. We need a test. A fuck test to test personality types to government service but that’a a slippery slope that the republicans would eventually turn on us. They are the masters of deceit so we cannot give them that tool.

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