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Does Comcast Act Like Criminal Organization?

Comcast’s Answer to The Pandemic

While all other companies were letting customers know they are won’t be shut off, Comcast raises its bill, TWICE. I got a notice that an adapter that was part of my package was no longer part of my package. They claim they should have been charging for it all along. I had 5 or 6 people look at my bill over 2 years and none ever said it should be charged extra, and they know and don’t give anything away anymore. Greedy worthless middleman sloppy slobs. America should be a country that’s more than just a rich sloppy middleman. We should organized a town by town ouster of Comcast. They love their bottom line. Let’s take it away! MORE ON THIS.

All Of A Sudden Without Notice

Apparently Comcast will change due dates and amounts without letting you know. I recently got a notice that Comcast is going to screw you but won’t answer why. I pay the bill at the same time every month. They seem to guided by criminal like mentality when it comes to common courtesy to customers. They disrespect customers and they know it. Things like informing them of what and why when prices go up. All of a sudden you are being charged more or a late charge and you dont know why. Your regular cycle changes and all of a sudden you owe more. without notice.\

Equipment Rental Scam

I pay a lot for their equipment rental. This scam that I need their onsite equipment is a scam. They could plug a wire into my tv with a roku type stick. But they would have to cut their bottom line and that is not in the business plan.

Professional Liars

Comcast hires professional arguers, what I call professional liars, there to dispute anything you say. Not unlike what we see with government hearings. They are the company propagandists and probably the highest paid within that middleman sloppy company.

Comcast Pay

Comcast pays shit according to historical standards. You cannot live where you work in many places if you work for Comcast.

Overpriced Middleman

Conclusion is that Comcast is essentially an un-necessary overpriced middleman. They overcharge Americans so much and have so much extra cash they can buy the biggest corporations in the world. Companies like General Electric and NBC. This was big crime just a few years ago and a violation anti-trust law. Laws for them are relaxed by the those like them and they now are America.

When I was Young

Comcast has removed programming. We had 12 Channels and more diversity in 1972 with the list of Channels below. We get the same 5 sets of writers on all channels. In Springfield MA one guy bought FOX CBS ABC and local newspaper. The same new faces and writers on 3 of the 4 major networks. Ain’t no message diversity there. They censor Free Speech TV even today. They blocked Arab Tv from their news keeping America dumb and uninformed for another 10 years of more.

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