Republicans Give Protesters Advice in JUNE 2 Press Conference

Republicans hold a press conference on JUN 2 with talking points on their vision of what a protest is supposed to look like. Once again they only talked shit and never addressed the peaceful protesters last night in Washington, D.C. that were gassed, trampled with horses, hit with sticks, then arrested for being peaceful.

Police always throw the first punch. AND THEN THE VIOLENCE ESCALATES. Only then do people respond or fight back.. but we did not see it last night. People remained peaseful.

It’s been said that white supremacists were behind much of the burning and destruction to make protesters look bad. Perhaps Bonespur J Chickenhawk sent in his white supremacist friends and acquaintances.

His photo op with the bible is joke. Using a bible a create division in America. The republican voice is meaningless when we see videos of police gassing and shooting at people. Republicans act like a criminal organization.

Republicans like Texas Ted and Jodi Ernst keep saying “we all agree” on what a peaceful protest looks like. They also said they were proud of Trump when he stood in front of that church. America is sick of republican fuck-speak. What else can you call it? Republicans (today) are the enemy of all good people. They seem like the type of conservatives that would kill Jesus. Exactly like the conservative Pharisees. Ted Cruz and Dangerous Don would recognize Jesus as their enemy since they recognize deception (Satan) as their God.

The Republicans saying this is wrong type of protest. The Republicans keep this status quo and are the biggest problem in America, and for that reason they should be unseen and not heard.

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