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Trump’s Right About Extreme Prison Sentences for Small Crimes

Extreme Prison Sentences
Trump’s right about one thing. Who the fuck created these sentencing guidelines. Fucks from hell?

Its hard to respect a system that would put people in cages for things like substances. Ingestion is not a crime. Incarcerating regular people with no criminality? Ever wonder why the world ain’t fair? Maybe it’s you rubber stamping the unfairness. If you put a man in jail 5 to 40 years just for drugs then you are a real hard ass in the eyes of God. Every day in prison is hard. Say no to these FUCK laws with long (family destroying) prison sentences. It’s not justice to place any man in a cage for years. It’s injustice. And inhumane in this modern era. Stop being a 3rd world fuck and just say no, just as Nancy Reagan taught us and our pill-poppin kids. Aw, memories…

American DOJ has become a department of injustice. Look who runs the DOJ. Attorney William Barr. A mobster working for another mobster. All legal in the world of the fucks. Barr is running the US justice system. Until sentencing guidelines are rational we must say no to your system of fuck justice. And fucks like Bill Barr.

Juror Nullification
Practice juror nullification in all drug cases. They are not crimes. Keep your opinion to yourself and do not share it with anyone that would take you off of a jury. Your job is to get on that jury so keep your mouth shut and just smile at the fucks that want to own OUR justice system, and take it away from you. You own the justice system. They own the coffins and the shovels but you, the juror hold the nails. You NEVER have to hand them nails over to any prosecutor or any judge. The prosecutor and the judge have no discretion when it comes to the law. The judge will impose a sentence automatically as if a machine. The prosecutor must prosecute everyone on earth if possible and impose some sort of penalty. Someone has to control these machine heads. It’s you the juror. You are the law and the law decider. Not the case decider. Juror means law. You are the law and you are the only discretion in the application of the law. Everyone else is a cog in a machine without any discretion.

GRADE: F- You’re doing a poor job The prisons are full of regular people mixed with BAD people that hurt regular people. Prison should be reserved for dangerous people only.

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