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Capitol Police Leadership Compliant to Republican Endorsed Anarchy

Capitol Police Completely Outnumbered Without Bayonets or Backup

Police moved up the stairs of the capitol building unprepared and unable to stand off right wing Nazi’s who assault federal police and enter our Capitol Building to spread anarchy and threaten democracy. Police lacked the bayonets and additional police to hold off a Trump inspired angry mob.

Police Use Child-Sized Nightsticks

What a difference in policing when it comes to a mob of right wing crazies threatening our democracy with violence as opposed to peaceful Progressives in Lafayette park who are beaten for no other reason than their presence. Peaceful Progressives protesting in JUNE were met with extreme violence by police – and beaten with 3 foot nightsticks by the same police who NOW act defenseless and invited the insurrection right into the building.

IN JUNE 2020 the same fucking police hurt and injured a lot of people and journalists in LaFayette Park using near-lethal 3 foot clubs.

President Trump Fueled the Insurrection

Afterwards Trump called these riotous criminals ‘Great patriots’ and said he loved them and their anarchy. President Trump incited a riot. Afterwards he told them to march on Congress and he would be with them, but Trump watched it unfold on TV.

Guiliani Is ALSO Culpable arguing for combat!

Trump Police Force Report for Duty

Only 52 arrests were made – police allowed rioters to leave the Capitol as if the were leaving a concert or event. These small numbers of un-armed police appeared not ready for the right wing crazies everyone warned was coming and threatening trouble. Still and yet – the police were somewhat absent from defending our most sacred institutions. Who is managing the police – Trump? It would be the same result so .. yeah! He kinda was. Perhaps by proxy – but that was Trump style policing. Police were seen taking selfies with the mob after they penetrated inside the Capitol. The known potential for violence was not ignored, it appears it was accepted in advance.

The National Guard was called in after it almost too late. Trump held the National Guard off and Mike Pence eventually called them in; 5000 National Guard troops and 1600 Active Duty troops to stand down the break-in. Trump is being investigated for his possible effort to block National Guard deployment.

At 3:30 am Biden is confirmed as next US President. Number 46. Unless the 25th amendment is invoked where Pence could become the 46th President for a week. Then Joe would be 47. Lets hope for Joe being #47!

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